Emoji in the Classroom

7 I had the pleasure of working with 5th graders on an ebook project on Fractions this week. The students were asked to choose a fractions concept that they had learned this year, such as making equivalent fractions, multiplying fractions, etc., and then design an ebook on their iPads using my all time favorite app, Book Creator.

Our students used the amazing tools in the app in order to make informational books on the various fraction concepts that other students could download and use as a resource.

Each student selected a specific fractions concept and used pencil and paper to create a draft for their books. Students used Explain Everything to create video tutorials and then the pen and text tools in Book Creator to write sample problems with step by step rules for solving.

The students soon discovered that the iPad’s keyboard was missing the mathematical symbols used in many of their problems, such as ÷ and ×. I suggested that students just use the pen tool in Book Creator to add those symbols, but then a great suggestion came from one of the students. He said that the math symbols were in the Emoji keyboard! The students quickly noticed that the Emoji keyboard was missing from their iPads, so I walked them through the process of installing it:

1) Tap on Settings – General – Keyboard

2) Tap on Keyboards

3) Tap Add New Keyboard

4) Tap Emoji

5) Go back to the text tool in Book Creator and tap the symbol highlighted below5

6) Swipe to find the math symbols.

It was awesome to see the pride in the student’s face after he shared this cool Emoji trick with the class!





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    I love it when things like this happen spontaneously in the classroom! It is a win-win situation! Thank you, Jenny, for being willing to share this with others. Many times teachers feel threatened when their students know more about the technology we use in the classroom and sometimes to the point of not being willing to try it at all until they feel like they have mastered it. This is the perfect example that the teacher doesn’t have to know it all! We can be learners alongside them guiding the learning. The boost of confidence this experience gave that student is priceless! Way to go and thanks for sharing it with us!

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      Kim vater says

      You are exactly right! I am the lucky teacher who had Jenny teaching my math students how to demonstrate their skills on Book Creator. I had never used the Book Creator app before, and I certainly lacked proficiency; however, the students were very enthused, and I learned from the students as well as Jenny. The lesson I learned was…”Don’t be afraid….just jump in and do it!” We had a great time, and the students were very proud of their creations. Thanks, Jenny.

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